Friendly Reminder to change or have your air conditioning filter changed at least once a month.

Changed neglected air conditioning filter.

A+ Air Conditioning Inc., dba Bruce’s Heating and Cooling changed this air conditioning filter. Just a friendly reminder: Changing your air conditioning filter is a basic maintenance routine, whether you do it yourself or employ the service of a professional. Forgetting to do so may damage your unit, cause it to freeze up or may even void your warranty. Most filters need changed once per month, BUT some may need changed more often depending on a number of factors. Some being if you have pets, undergoing remodeling, businesses such as salons where hairspray comes into play, etc… If you don’t want to bother with it but don’t want the inconvenience and expense of repairing the damage from a frozen air conditioning unit, simply call 850-230-3009. Our friendly professionals will be glad to maintain one of the most important pieces of equipment that keeps you comfortable in your home or work place. Great job guys, for thawing, repairing and replacing this badly neglected air conditioning filter and keeping our customers comfortable and happy!